College Visits 

hello friends! today’s blog post is about an exciting topic, college! if you have been following my blog for a while, then you know I am a junior in high school and college is right around the corner. just today, seniors in my area graduated high school. over spring break, I went on three college visits in texas and i never shared my thoughts on those schools so here it is.

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alright so the first school i visited was rice university. rice is a private university in downtown Houston that is more appealing if you want to major in math/science/ technology. rice is extremely competitive. rice was probably when i realized that i would like to go to a private school but probably not as small as rice. rice has around 4000 students at their school and that’s a little too small in my taste. overall i thought the school was pretty good but i probably won’t be applying because of the location and the majors offered.

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alright the next school i visited was in the college town of waco, tx… baylor university. now to be completely honest, baylor was never a school i had even considered attending. baylor was a school that had never appealed to me but honestly after I visited, it became a school i believe deserves a little more recognition. the tour was probably the best one i have been on yet and just the campus of baylor really appealed to me. like during the tour, i started wondering if i could actually go to school there. that feeling didn’t last though. baylor is a good school and all but their religious credit is kind of what made me not want to go even if i got in. baylor requires like 4 hours (is that in college terms idrk) of religious studies and the classes to fufill that requirement seemed a little unnecessary. but that was the only thing that i didn’t like because again the campus was great, the school life was amazing, and the application is free!?!?! overall this was a cool school.

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the final school i visited was TCU. see i toured TCU on a rainy day and that kind of drowned the mood a little during the tour. my opinion about TCU is simply i don’t think it’s the school for me. TCU probably had one of the better locations in fort worth but during the tour, i never had that awe moment and the tour didn’t really have anything that made the school appeal to me. this was the school my family liked the most and sadly i didn’t share the same feelings. also i kind of don’t like the color purple which means that i’m 90% sure i’m not going to apply to a school with the color purple ugh. i really wished there was even a chance i would apply but the answer is no because i just couldn’t see myself here and that saddens me.

now that’s it for my college visit post. i’m actually going on more college tours over the summer so there will probably be another one of these and if you are interested i’ll link when i visited university of texas at Austin (hook em horns) below. see ya later friends!!

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