Let’s get Lost by Adi Alsaid

 Okay first thing first I legit found the perfect background for this book and it looks so good.It fits very well with the theme in the book so a map of the U.S +Canada seemed fit. This book follows 4 teens that all felt “lost” in some way and meet this girl named Leila. She comes in and helps them find themselves.


This book was very paper towns eey and I loved the aspect of it. Each chapter focused on a specific character. The first section was Hudson, who meets Leila when she is driving by. Hudson immediately falls in love with her and in the day together. Leila is only in town for a day but steals Hudson heart and makes Hudson miss his college interview. Leila helps Hunter realizes that Hunter might not even want to go to college and he gets mad at Leila, so she leaves town. It was so cute, Hunter said it was the “best day of his life” but is so mad at Leila for missing the interview.

Unto Bree’s section. Bree is a very rebellious character and meets Leila running away from home. Bree lost both of her parents, so she runs away from home,(even though her guardian is her sister). We learn that Bree ran away because she kissed her sister’s (Alexis) fiancé, (just to tick him off). Bree hates Alexis because she isn’t any fun and just yells at her all the time. Leila and Bree shoplift, and steal a car, ending up in jail. Bree’s sister bails her out (all thanks to Leila), Bree and Alexis reunite and forgive each other. Leila brings Bree and Alexis back together. Also it is super cute how each chapter ends with a postcard.

Elliot is next and he meets Leila while drunkenly gets hit by her car. Elliot confesses that he is in love with his best friend but she doesn’t love him back. Leila motivates Elliot to go after Maribel and it was so cute how she helps him realized you can be in love more than once. Leila even kisses Elliot to make Maribel jealous, IT WORKS THOUGH!! Elliot’s section ends with Maribel asking to meet Elliot and them (maybe) ending up together.

The last part was Sonia. She was suffering grief from her boyfriend, Sam, he collapsed in his basketball game, dying within 2 hours. Sonia is afraid to love again and Leila meets her from Sonia trying to run away from it all. Leila helps Sonia realize she can love again. Sonia eventually tells Sam’s family about her new love, Jeremiah, who are super cool with Sonia moving on.

Leila was the last section. In all the sections, Leila came out so strong, helping the characters not be “lost.” In reality. Leila was the most lost of them all, she lost her family in a car accident, and suffered from amnesia. She couldn’t remember anything before the accident. She decided to go to see the Northern Lights since that is the only thing she remembers and so she can remember her past life. She sees the Northern Lights doesn’t help her remember but she realizes she should live in the present, not try to live in the past. The book ends with a cute reunion with Hudson (he was the only one she didn’t help). He confesses that Leila was right and he is afraid of change. Leila and Hudson end up together and that was the cutest conclusion of a book. I gave this book 4 stars.

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