A New Beginning

i want you to think back to a time where you wished you could replay a disastrous event over again. maybe it was losing the state championship, a relationship with friends, or a decision you made that had a negative impact on the rest of your life. sometimes a new beginning is what we need being anew.

as we have grown up, we have all gone through stages of personal growth. as a 17 going on 18 girl, i have had the biggest “new beginnings” when i was 8, 12, and 14. every single  time,  i had a realization happen in my life that changed who i was. when i was 8, i moved, at 12, my toxic best friend moved, and at 14, i allowed myself to forgive and forget and let in someone i had been closing out for years. in life, we shouldn’t be expected to stay the same and never grow. even as someone who DESPISES change, i have grown accustomed to the belief that i won’t be the same person i am today in five years. my experiences will be different, i would have met different people, and exposed myself to new things.

as humans, we can’t expect life to stand still or to get hung up on the past. our mistakes suck and the choices we make can never be taken back but that doesn’t mean we can’t grow from them. like a tree, we can grow and as we get older, we grow branches and leaves, indicating the awareness and knowledge we have gained throughout our years.

it’s important to grow because there will come a time when we will stop growing. the time where the leaves turn brown, the branches are breaking, and as humans we break too.  at one point in our life, we will take our last breath, unable to grow and learn on earth.

that’s why every day here is so important. every day is a chance to grow like a tree does and become our own. every day is a new beginning to make our mark on this world. so, is today the day you change the world?

thanks for reading,





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