Miraculous Things

hi friends! welcome to another post on the blog. today i wanted to talk about the power of information. we live in a society where there is an emphasis on social media and having the need to connect to one another at all times. always posting on our snapchat stories, posting pictures on instagram doing fun things, tweeting relatable things etc. social media is a miracle in some ways but it is also a deadly trap, allowing us to fall victim of having FOMO, jealousy and loneliness.
tomorrow, i won’t have my phone for a few days while at a retreat where i will be forced to live life without looking at other’s lives and just start to live in the moment. this has allowed me to really think about the miracle we consider technology.
now the miracle of technology is amazing but we have to consider all we put on social media. now i hope you have heard about the new snapchat update that allows your location to be shared, which for someone with a large following like Kendall Jenner, it can lead to fans showing up at every location, invading one’s privacy. also we have to consider the fact that everything we post can come back to harm us especially the class of 2018. colleges have the right to find our social medias and find our posts. everything we say, like, post can come back to harm us. we have to be extremely careful about our online presence bc we never know if that could be the reason we don’t get into our dream school
i value privacy over all and we have to learn how to balance the miracle in our lives. we can’t fall victim to being consumed by netflix, social media, online shopping etc. there’s so much more to live for. so while every invention in society can be considered a miracle bc people told them no and that it was impossible but they accomplished it anyways. inventors like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates have revolutionized our lives, and hopefully, we can make a miraculous invention that can change life for the better
thanks for reading,


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