Hi, this is the page of all of my adventures blog posts. Enjoy!

Blogmas 8-13 New Orleans Edition

Hi friends! After a long 5 days, I am finally on the blog after a long trip to a beautiful city. I visited New Orleans, Louisiana and I can honestly way it was a really fun trip. I went for a debate tournament and we got the chance to explore this amazing city (mostly the French Quarter) so let’s take a look back at some of my adventure.


This is my meal at Cafe du Monde. My friends and I shared those beignets and chatted about the historic city. This Cafe has a very long wait time so be prepared.


This picture is from the French Market. The French Market has a bunch of little stores and you get the opportunity to bargain for the items you want to buy. There isn’t a lot of pictures there because they were very strict about taking pictures if you weren’t going to buy anything.


This picture is from the Cathedral of St. Louis. It was absolutely gorgeous and was in the center of New Orleans. It’s the oldest cathedral in the United States. I included a lot more pictures of this beautiful church because it had a holy persona.


This is the gorgeous walls of the church. I’m honestly in love with it because the church’s wall has such percision that are beyond words.


Alright this picture is kind of a goober. I admire Pope John Paul 2 because he was such an amazing role model for humanitarian rights. He is even now a saint so I couldn’t leave the church without taking a picture to the GOAT.

So that’s the end of my New Orleans Adventure. Sorry there isn’t more. Debate took up like 12 hours each day so it was hard to explore a lot more. Hopefully there will be more adventures soon!

Thanks for reading!!


Meghan Trainor Concert August’16

Hi friends! Alright this is my final “summer” memory. *tear* I went to a Meghan Trainor Concert  earlier this month and I’ve never felt so amazing like all of her songs are so jam worthy. I have decided to make Sundays my obligated “blog post” day. Maybe if I assign a day, I’ll keep up with  I’m excited for another year of blogging and another year of documenting my life.


Steubenville July’16

So if you have been following for a while, you know that my first post on my blog was talking about Steubenville. I went to Steubenville directly after another camp so I was very tired. This year’s theme was THIRST and it was a fun time. So blessed to have been able to spend another time at this conference. I was kind of sleep deprived during this trip so I fell asleep not one but TWO times during the session. Do I regret it? Not really. I was a lot more refreshed after I took a power nap. The best part about Steubenville is the amazing gear. Like the T-Shirts and the books. The T-shirt I’m wearing in this pic I bought here and it was so comfy. I really like the color. So that concludes another summer adventure spent with plenty of laughs. Crazy to think I start school in less than a month.

Fourth of July, July 4th 2016

So Happy Late 240th birthday America!! Sad I wasn’t in my birth state to celebrate. I was at debate camp during the fourth of July so instead of spending my independence day with family, I spent it with a bunch of debaters and strangers in the town. We went to a battlefield near my debate camp and we saw a lot of fireworks and had some good kettle corn. I didn’t dress very patriotic but that was the first night that I really felt like I belonged at this camp. I really had some amazing bonding moments there and experiences like these allows for amazing stories in the future. Also happy 1 year anniversary to this blog!! So happy to share some amazing moments and that this blog helped me through my sophomore year.

Rachel Platten Concert June’16

I’m a little behind in blog posts because life has been crazy so here is what I have been up to. I am finally home after three weeks of being everywhere. June 25th (the day before I left for debate camp) I went to a concert. Rachel Platten’s concert was amazing even though she had no opening act. Rachel Platten is such a humble person and I have only been to one concert before (see my fifth harmony concert post from last year) I really enjoyed the experience. All the songs she sang had a story and she sounded amazing. She sang Fight Song as her grand finale and it was the best thing ever.  I took a video of it and I still watch it to this day. She’s such a talented singer and I am so honored to hear her sing.


First Friday, June’16

Hello friends! So this is officially my first blog post of summer!! I have actually been out of school since May 23rd but these last few weeks I’m still trying to figure out my summer schedule. Summer is all about those new adventures and making memories. In the town I live in, we have celebrations in the square on Fridays once a month. Yesterday I actually decided to go to one (I usually don’t go). Me and my friends tried crepes for the first time (which were really good) and always at these events, there are a million dogs.  Yesterday was also National Doughnut Day so of course I had to get one from Krispy Kreme. (They were free btw). Anyways I hope you enjoy today’s post and hopefully I will have a schedule in the summertime.


Poetry Slam May’16

So this week is my last full week of school. Every day this week has been insane. Tuesday I went to Senior wills (basically an event where senior give stuff away to those not graduation), Wednesday I went to a meeting for my new school and yesterday I went to this poetry slam. It was at this little artsy cafe and I performed an original poem (that I wrote like 2 hours before). The weather has been pretty crazy where I live, so it started raining. My friends and I went to get ice cream and it was such a fun night!

Touring my new school May ’16

Yesterday was the first of many days at my new school. I have mentioned in previous blog posts of my town building a new high school and me being zoned there. I got to give tours to the future freshmen with my fellow sophomores and it was a lot of fun. There’s a lot of construction still going on so we had to wear this fashionable construction attire. There’s only going to be 1200 kids at my new school while my school now has 4000+!! Anyways it was a great reason to get school business and a great reason to get to be in my future school.  

Girls night in the city!- April ’16

Hello friends! Who doesn’t love a good birthday celebration with friends? It wasn’t my birthday but it was one of my friends. We surprised her by blowing up balloons and giving her these gorgeous daisies. I got to hang with my friends while shopping around in the mall. Yesterday was better than doing AP World homework and that’s a fact. We stopped to take pictures in our city square then I went to this AMAZING Italian restaurant for the first time (the pizza is below). I’m also a huge lemonade fanatic so of course I got lemonade while at this restaurant. Yesterday taught me an important lesson (and no it wasn’t that I needed to watch more Disney movies because of how uncultured I am). Sometimes there needs to come days where we need to escape the reality of stress in our daily lives and just hang with the people we love.

San Antonio- March’16

Today, we visited San Antonio. My favorite part was spending time on the Riverwalk. We got to go on a boat and ride along the St. Anthony River. The food there is amazing and there is a widespread of different types of food to eat. There were so many beautiful churches nearby and it is such a historic city. Overall it was an amazing day.

UT Visit! March ’16

Today was a special day. I woke up hearing the tragedy in Brussels and my thoughts and prayers go out to them. I went to my first college visit, which was to the University of Texas. I grew up in Austin ,so visiting this amazing school was an amazing opportunity. I got to really imagine myself on the UT campus and it is honestly so beautiful and has such amazing vibes. Austin is such a beautiful city and coming back really brought back all the nostalgic memories of living here. College visits are definelty scary but I’m happy that I was able to have my first experience in my birth city.

Beach Day!! March ’16

Today was the day that made it officially  feel like Spring Break. I finally arrived at the beach. The beach was beautiful and it was so peaceful because we were on an island off the coast of Texas. (Also Texas kids are in school right now). What is a beach day without cute pics and playing in the sun. My sister and I had so much fun swimming and writing our names in the sand. Today was a lot of fun and happy that I started off Spring Break right with some nice Vitamin D.

Dallas Texas- March’16

Today was an iconic day. I went to In-N-Out for the first time. I was traveling through Dallas, and my family made a small pit stop to try this California native place. I’m not a huge hamburger fan. I don’t eat a lot of meat in general, expecially beef, so this was a special situation. I didn’t expect the food to be SO GOOD. No wonder everyone brags about them. I give this place 5 out of 5 stars and would totally recommend this place if you are ever in TX!!

Weekend Adventure 2- March ’16

This is my second weekend adventure and friends, this weekend was iconic. I got to go to a debate tournament, a play, and say goodbye to an old friend.

First the debate tournament. I had this goal in the beginning of the year to do all 5 debate events as a novice and March 11th 2016, I did exactly that. I feel incredibly blessed I did all five and that I had miraculous success. Db8 season is almost over and I can’t express how awesome my teammates are and all the amazing people that have supported me this year.

Sunday I went and saw one of my good friends in a play and it was honestly so much fun. She was so happy we were there, and I hope to see more theatre productions in the future.

Finally I said goodbye to an old friend. My youth minister moved to Washington on Monday and it was honestly so sad since she was a second mother to me. I will miss her so much, and it was awesome to see her one final time. That was my weekend. It was so much fun and I can’t wait til Spring Break (next week).

Weekend Adventure 1- March ’16

I want to start a new theme of saying adventures in a weekend. This first adventures I didn’t take enough pictures but it was eventful.This past weekend I went to a debate tournament. Yes, I know I go to them all the time but this one was different bc it was the tournament that qualifies for nationals. Even though I didn’t qualify, I’m only a sophomore and feel super blessed that I was able to represent my school and help show myself where I want to be in the next few years in debate. The highlight of this trip was definitely visiting Farmers Market for the first time. So here’s is some pics of my adventures this past weekend. I also had some really good Panera but I forgot to take a pic of it, oops but anyways I hope you enjoy friends!

  Best lemonade I have ever had. . I low-key have a obsession with lemonade and hands down the best lemonade I have ever had.

 Pretty Sunflowers like I want!!

Indianapolis, Indiana NCYC Day 3, November ’15

On my last day in Indy, I ate so much food, for example Starbucks and Chick fil-A, and a Thai restaurant where I only ate rice, and went to two amazing sessions that really inspired me to be different. I got so many cute things at the stores, and the evening mass was so inspiring and life-changing that I feel like I never wanted to leave. So blessed I went on this amazing journey to Indy.


Indianapolis, Indiana NCYC Day 2, November ’15

Alright alright It’s Day 2 in Indy and I’m lovin’ it so much. I went to three amazing uplifting sessions that changed my outlook on life, without freaking out about the stress, just living in the moment. Adoration was beautiful (as usual). I just love my life, love everything in this beautiful city, Naptown.



Indianapolis, Indiana, NCYC Day 1, November ’15

Alright the event I have been waiting to go to forever, the event that got me through this tough first semester of 10th grade is here. I’m in INDY!! NCYC begun today and I feel so happy and just joyful to be here (like I don’t even feel like going to bed) but since I have an early morning tomorrow I really wanted to post some pics before bed!! This cool band that I never heard before played. The band was For king and country, they were so good and had the best Australian accents like what not to love. Honestly I feel like God really spoke to me tonight and it’s just an amazing feeling to be surrounded by so many Catholics that love God as much as I do!


Africa, August ’15

This post is my flight experience back home. I left Africa last Sunday and there was this store in the airport that sold the cutest things. These elephant for example

We also ate at the Bourbon Cafe and had mango juice and croissants for a light snack.

I stopped in Amsterdam again and had       these amazing Dutch Cookies.

  We got home at 2 on Monday and that is basically my trip back home to the U.S.!!


Africa, August’15

This is my last adventure in Africa and on the day before we left, we went to various stores and tried to get some African Clothing. These are some pics of traditional African stores

The fabrics are so exotic and here is some of the stuff we ended up getting!!

These traditional African clothing comes in different colors and are super cute. (in love with the white one!). Overall our last day was spent shopping and walking around.

Africa, August ’15

Okay so on the first Sunday in August I went to my cousins’ baptism. It was at this lake in Rwanda. Usually at special events there are African dancers and I took a pic of the first outfits they wore. (They wore four).

  This is my go to drink when I am in Africa and they don’t have the citron flavor in America!! It was super long day and I got to ride a boat. Overall it was a very peaceful day!


Africa, August ’15

On Thursday, I went to an international flea market in Rwanda. I took a lot of pictures while I was there (even though I didn’t get anything).  Here are some pictures of some of the items that they were selling.


I was even in the same area as the prime minister which I guess makes me somewhat famous but no biggie.


Africa, August ’15

I have been in Africa for one week now and I still haven’t posted anything yet and I’m sorry. I have gotten to writing this then get distracted on several occasions. My first official adventure was  last week on Tuesday and I went to a lake in the country and I took a couple of pictures


It was so peaceful and I am so happy I got the chance to go here.Closing this post on another bible verse

Psalms 16:11-You will make known to me the path of life. In Your presence is fullness of joy; ln Your right hand there are pleasures forever.

Airport to Africa, July ’15

At this moment I am at an airport in Atlanta waiting to go across the Atlantic to Amsterdam. I had to get patted down in my hometown since I was wearing sequins on my pants and the jewels made the monitor beep.  I just ate some really bad Chinese  food in the international terminal and I don’t recommend it. The airport itself is gorgeous. Here is a couple of pics of the Atlanta airport.

Luke 4:10~”He will put his angels in charge of you to watch over you carefully”


Fifth Harmony Concert  July ’15

Last night I  went to a fantastic Fifth Harmony Concert last night and it was amazing. The opening act was Natalie La Rosa, Debby Ryan (hey Jessie) and Bea Miller. I was very disappointed she didn’t sing the Jessie theme song so was the rest of the crowd. Fifth harmony was rocking the AMP and so happy that my first concert were my favorite people!!


Steubenville and C2SI, July ’15


Last week I went to two church camps that truly changed my life. I went to one in my state capitol that really opened my eyes to the issues in the US and how teenagers can change the world. The friends I made were some of the sweetest people and encouraged me to be a better person. The second camp was STEUBENVILLE which gets confused for STUPIDVILLE but whatever. This camp had over 3,800 people and all of us were in love with God. We sung so much and I feel like I lost my voice when I came home. This week was chaotic but honestly, it was one of the best weeks of my life. I would do anything to relive it. Here are some pictures to sum up my week

This pic below was one of the first times I saw a coke bottle close to my name (since Colleen is my middle name). I freaked out since my first name is very uncommon.

This  pic is from Adoration on Saturday Night. it was one of the most beautiful and fulfilling experiences I’ve ever had.

This was a thing at Steubenville that there would be clothespin with saying on it. I just wanted to close this post with one that I got cuz we all are 🙂