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What We Saw by Aaron Hartzler

This book is VERY different from the other books I have reviewed. This book tackles one of the most controversial issues in today’s world. Rape. This book follows a rape case in a small town and details with the different aspects of how this small town copes with this controversy.


This book. I originally wasn’t going to review this, but this book impacts you in such a powerful way. Kate is dead-set on figuring out if this rape actually occurred while everyone else is trying to shut down this rumor. It was frightening to see that the entire town accused Stacey of being a liar and called her all these dirty names. It was shameful to think that in the case of these issues, girls are always the ones that generate the hate. The boys that were accused were treated like small town heroes. Kate starts dating a childhood friend, Ben. Immediately I knew he was apart of this whole rape scenario. Kate tries to get people to talk about it but everyone, including her friends and family, seem to want it to disappear. The real moment that appealed to me was when her younger brother starts rating girls underneath their photos. She starts to realize that this lifestyle, this judgement of girls in society is unacceptable. She finds the video of Stacey getting raped and how many witnesses there were. SO MANY PEOPLE WITNESSED THIS ACT BUT NO ONE SAID ANYTHING. Ben was one of them and as a result, Kate broke up with him. Kate tells the police about the video, and about everyone that was involved. She does the unthinkable to help save Stacey. Did it come with a price. YES absolutely. She lost her friends, her boyfriend and eventually moved to a new school, unable to deal with the constant reminder of the events that occurred. Kate was the bigger person. She made me feel  inspired that sometimes it’s okay to not do what’s unpopular. She did such a big thing that changed someone’s life. Silence doesn’t help anyone and speaking-up can save someone’s life.This book just changes your perspective on how us as a generation handle situations. Aaron Hartzler talked about a difficult issue and encourages us to be aware of what’s going on around us and speak up.

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Jubilee Manor by Bethany Hagen

This book is a sequel and conclusion to Landry Park. This book picks up right where we left off in Landry Park. There is even more twists and drama throughout this book, and makes it amazing. If you want to read what this book is about, then  my Landry park review is linked below for more background.


Okay was this book a killer conclusion or not (lol at my pun). This book exceeded my expectations and really had some moments that left me speechless. .The main objective for Madeline and her uncle Jack was to create peace among the Rootless and the Gentry, by throwing a party reuniting the two groups.Well that didn’t last. The book starts off early with a death (poor Marianne) at a party at Landry Park, that really spoiled the cute reunion between Madeline and David. One of my favorite lines said after the first attack was by Madeline talking about David saying he was “a boy of sharp edges and hidden compassion” since David began comforting the Wilder’s. After the David and Madeline reunion, disagreements came for a big portion of the book, Madeline accused Smith of being the killer and David got mad since she was becoming every other gentry and blaming the Rootless. That broke my Dadeline/ Mavid heart. Also Jamie had key moments discovering the Landry line were immune to radiation, and had the brilliant idea of creating a cure to help the Rootless. Jamie is the new MVP for thinking up creative ways to unify the Rootless and the Gentry. Also a huge twist was finding out Jude is a LANDRY whatttt!!!!??? This part made me so happy that he can finally back off Madeline since they are cousins now but he still asked if things were over between them, because cousins can still marry each other. ew. Endgame came down to Stuart (Lawrence cousin, aka no one like him aka he sucks) and his brothers being the killer of the gentry heirs. Just want to have a moment of silence for Marianne, Jane and Jack RIP. The book ends with Stuart failing to kill Madeline, Landry Park burning down, and a treaty with the Rootless and the Gentry (YAY). The best part was finding out Madeline was going to UNIVERSITY. She also decided to donate the Landry land, calling it Jubilee Manor (book title reference). It is an ancient tradition of returning and freeing slaves, and a metaphor for the gentry freeing rootles and letting each other have equal rights. Overall such a great ending to this duology.

Last Year’s Mistake by Gina Ciocca

Another contemporary that I read. Yay for me for not trying to branch out in books. This book I have had my eye on for a while. It follows a girl named Kelsey who’s a senior in high school. A boy from her past, David makes it back into her life and causes her to remember old memories. This book is told by alternating between flashbacks and present day, which  fits well with the plot.


David comes to Kelsey’s new school. Ryan gets jealous and Kelsey’s shocked to see David. Then the flashbacks hit, the reader learns David and Kelsey met in 9th grade. David becomes her best friend, his parents are divorced, his mom didn’t even want custody of David. Finally Kelsey talks to David and he insults his hair, which I know was such a little thing but Kelsey throughout the flashbacks never conformed to being a “typical girl” who is worried about looks, clothes, and makeup.  Now all of a sudden she does and this moment is thematic because Kelsey transitioned to become a cliche, always wanting expensive things become coincided in a sense.She learns that David’s dad had cancer which was devastating, (the flashbacks make his dad look like the coolest person ever), and his dad was always nice to her even in present-day. Kelsey starts to become jealous of David kissing other people in present-day while we learn sophomore year she is starting to have a mysterious illness. She ends up missing Winter Swirl, (basically leading to all the problems in the Dav/Kels friendship) and David going with this girl Kelsey hates. David starts to drift away leaving Kelsey to feel alone that year, girls are mean to her by spreading the rumor that she attempted suicide when we learn she is just Iron and B12 deficient. The whole incident that broke them up was that David told Kelsey he loved her since the beginning on THE DAY BEFORE SHE WAS SUPPOSED TO MOVE. Like who does that? I don’t know and they make out causing Kelsey to lash out saying “why has he never told her?” and all that good stuff. Then she comes back to apologize and she sees him with another girl and gets mad. This “last year’s mistake” is Kelsey realizing that she and David are meant for each other, when they are about to go off to college. They vow to make this “long distance relationship” work at the end of the book. My favorite part was all the sarcastic lines David said and his relationship with Kelsey for example when Violet thought David was gay and that became an inside joke between them and when he basically was a savage saying”I’m used to people walking out of my life” legit directed at Kelsey. I laughed so hard at that part. Finding out Ryan beat up David over the summer was super hard to hear and so happy Kelsey dumped that boy. The cute reference to David wanting that dance at Prom ughh. Him giving Kelsey the white rose for Valentine’s day to make the white corsage from Winter Swirl, so many references from the past killed me. Also Candy was such a good person, helps Kelsey realize she loves David so awesome ugh this book review is a mess.  I really enjoyed it even though the whole buildup to the incident was kind of a letdown it was a nice young adult contemporary.


99 Days by Katie Cotugno


A little late on the blog post this week so there will be another one on Sunday. Can I just address how gorgeous this book is overall. Literally couldn’t post one pic, I had to post several. This book is about a girl named Molly, who leaves the town behind after junior year when the world finds out she cheated on her boyfriend with his older brother. Ouch. This book follows her coming back to the place she called home and the challenges she faces gaining respect back.


First thing I want to talk about is her mom situation. HER MOM PUBLISHED A BOOK THAT WAS BASED OFF HER DAUGHTER. The book was  the reason everyone found out she cheated on her boyfriend because her mom had writers’ block and decided to get inspiration from her daughter. Reading that part early in the story made me already sympathize with Molly. Another recurring story-line is the two brothers, Patrick and Gabe. Gabe was the older brother that Molly cheated on Patrick with and Molly displays countless times that she loves those Donnellys’ boys. Molly was an alright character since she was trying to change and reunite with her best friend again. She started going steady with Gabe (man oh man were they cuties) and Patrick was happy with another girl named Tess who was such a nice character. Patrick was learning to become friends with Molly again since he hated her for so long.She also reunites with another old friend named Julia, whose another Donnelly but has hated her since the secret came out, calling her rude names. Then like every girl protagonist, she has to do something dumb, she starts catching feelings for Patrick and starts cheating. They had these random make out sessions and I just keeping thinking “they are going to get caught.” This book titles the chapters by the day like Day 35, Day 60 etc. At Day 85, the world finds out about her and Patrick and of course she runs. This incident happening was one of the best things because she learns that those brothers were in a competition for her heart and she felt like it was a game to them. She confronts both of them and doesn’t get back with either of them. The book ends with her running to Boston for college, leaving the summer behind. I can’t even say whose side I was on since the beginning I was Gabe, then I switched to Patrick so basically I’m as confused as Molly. This book was amazing.

Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon

This book. THIS BOOK. I read this book on January 1st and I absolutely enjoyed it. It is still one of the best books I have read this year. It follows a girl named Madeline, (she’s African American and Japanese) and she has never left her house. She learns she has a rare disease that stops her from leaving the house. She meets Olly who teaches her how to live and how to live the way you want. I gave this book 5 stars on Goodreads. It was enjoyable.


This book is very Finding Audrey like. Madeline notices Olly’s family moving into the neighborhood. She sees that his father is a drunk and starts watching his family daily. He notices and they start emailing each other and it was HUGE because she never really talked to anyone else other than her mom and her nanny. She is obsessed with writing her name in all of her books, and writing a deal inside if returned, which comes full circle in the end. The emails become more reoccurring and results in Madeline saying her father and brother died in a car accident and Olly’s dad became a alcoholic when he got laid off. Olly’s really starts trying to help Madeline live by coming over and teaching Mad how to do a handstand, saying “her hair is like a cloud.” The first kiss is HUGE. Madeline describes it as  “He tastes like salted caramel and sunshine, like hope and possibility and the future.” Madeline goes outside for the first time EVER when she sees Olly’s dad fighting with Olly’s mom and defend Olly. She wasn’t even afraid to go outside and that’s when Madeline starts to think for herself. Her mom finds out about Olly’s secret visit and fires Carla, and she starts to be super unhappy and bored. Madeline goes outside on PURPOSE and really absorbs all the smells, and the scenery. She decides to go to Hawaii, since that is the last vacation her whole family went together. She goes with Olly and it was hands-down the best part of the book. She says “I’m in the world, the world is me” when she is at the beach. She meets Zach, who finds out Madeline doesn’t have any pills and Madeline gets sick during the trip. She starts to avoid Olly. He keeps being nice to her and writes limericks to make her feel better like this one

once was a girl named madeline

speared my heart through with a javelin

said as i died

are there more words that rhyme with madeline

once lived a girl in a bubble

who I suspected was nothing but trouble

still I gave her my heart

but she blew it apart

and left me with nothing but rubble

His last letter is Madelines favorite, a haiku

five syllables are her

now here are seven more

i love you maddy

Then we find out. MADELINE NEVER HAD SCID. She can go outside. She can leave her house. Her mom made that up so no one else she loved would die. Madeline leaves to go find Olly who moved. The book ends with Olly finding The Little Prince that says inside

Reward if found

Snorkel with me (Madeline) off Molokino to spot the Hawaiien fish the humuhumukunukuapua’a. A visit with me (Madeline) to a used book store. Me (Madeline). 

Olly circles the Me (Madeline) one and she appears in the store and Olly smiles so big ugh this book gave me all the feels. One of the best book I have read this year.

Obsedian by Jennifer Armenstrout

*Sidenote-this book was read on my tablet so not in hardcopy version*

Surprise!! Two book reviews in a month are finally here. Hope you enjoy this crazy/fun review!!

AHHH THIS BOOK. WHY?? I started this book late one night and ending up reading until 2 AM. Like it was that awesome. The book is about a girl named Katy who moves next door to siblings, Dee and Daemon. Katy starts to feel suspicious of their family leading to her feeling a strong connection to Daemon. This book was so entertaining and I really recommend it to everyone.


Okay this book, how hilarious was it. Like every character was super funny. The first moment was within the first 20 pages when Katy meets Daemon for the first time. He is a jerk to her (of course), and she calls him a douche and flips him off. It became reoccurring when Daemon develops the habit to call Katy, Kitten, which she hates. Dee becomes her first friend and Daemon grows to hate her. The first moment was when Daemon got his car keys stolen and has to “play nice” with Katy. He decides to go swimming with her and says this line “twenty bucks says you wear a one-piece swimsuit.” Katy and Daemon get closer because of this and later on in the novel go on a walk which is important because DAEMON CALLS HER BEAUTIFUL AND BASICALLY SAVES HER LIFE from the bear, and she passes out and he carries her. She starts to have this legendary “glow.” which causes her to get attacked. Daemon saves her (of course). She starts wanting answers but no one gives it to her. Katy gets so mad one day that she even pours her lunch on Daemon.  Daemon finally takes the time to tell Katy that he is a Luxen, that super cool alien species that has all these cool powers. She learns about how when Luxen do magic on human it leaves the “trace’ which makes it easier for her to be found by the enemy, the Arum. Katy eventually takes Simon to hoco but it ends up being terrible because he gets drunk. Katy is even wearing this beautiful red dress, (thanks to Dee, for picking a dress for her that was Daemon’s favorite color). Daemon saves Katy from Simon but run into Arums and Daemon was obviously dying but Katy being awesome kills an Arum using the Obsidian, (that awesome volcanic glass that can kill arum), and saves his life. Katy has a really bright trace afterwards and Daemon kisses Katy to get the energy out of her (more like make out session), and Katy gets mad that she was used that way. One more Arum came and Katy risked herself so Daemon could live but Katy is dying. WAIT then Daemon heals her, YESS BOY YESS. The book ends with Daemon and Katy are linked, (super trippy, I know), and Katy basically wants nothing to do with him. This book was super entertaining and such a fun read. Happy that I stayed up until 2 AM reading it. Sidenote MVP award goes to Dee, (for being an awesome friend and providing some comedic relief) and Ash, (she was a jerk at first but gave some really good advice when it mattered).

Even in Paradise by Chelsey Philpot

A pretty cover for a beautiful story. An accurate description of this book  is Looking for Alaska feat The Great Gatsby. This book revolves around a girl named Charlotte (imagine Christa B. Allen, a Revenge reference) who meets this girl named Julia in her junior year of high school. Everyone knows Julia since her older sister got in a car accident and died.  Julia was the only survivor. Charlotte helps her and they begin a friendship which includes lots of secrets and Charlotte ends up crushing on Julia’s mysterious older brother Sebastian (Austin Butler, a Carrie Diaries reference). This book is written four parts with The Beginning, Middle, End, New Beginning


Julia was very Blair Waldorf/ Alaska because she had this mystery around her but still had so much class and wanted to be in control and the boss of everyone (Blair Waldorf). One of my favorite early moments of their friendship was when Julia invited Charlotte to the chapel and they hid, listening to everyone’s prayers. It was such a peaceful side of the characters. Julia says early on that she likes Charlotte and even kisses Charlotte, who gets nicknamed Charlie, but says that Charlotte isn’t her type which I laughed out loud since Charlie was so offended. The bottle cap joke between Charlotte and Sebastian was so cute but it was kinda weird that all the facts involved love (ew). Their relationship had me at the beginning. The funniest part in the entire book was this whole “One Up” challenge that Sebastian and Julia played. It was so entertaining imaginging Julia having her dress tucked underneath her underwear and Sebastian having to spill a drink on the middle of his pants to “one up” each other. Also there was a huge Great Gatsby reference when it is talked about in class and Charlotte answers that the Gatsby wanted to be a part of Daisy’s world so bad that it eventually ends up killing him, which is a huge metaphor for how Charlotte feels because throughout the entire book, she wants to be a part of the Buchanan’s family. Charlie and Sebastian’s relationship officially starts at Julia’s sailing race with their first kiss. Charlie then misses thanksgiving (she was embarrassed about the kissing situation) which I thought was so funny. As a result everyone in the Buchanan family sent emails saying they missed her at Thanksgiving. Throughout the book, Julia was basically “claiming” Charlie and making her do whatever she wants to do.  Julia starts to act weirder near the “The Middle” section of the book because she is losing control of Charlie. Meanwhile Charlie and Sebastian say “I love you” to each other at prom, very insta lovey but it was cute. Then soon after Julia sets the boathouse on fire and the entire family blames Charlie for the incident. They think Charlie is responsible for  Julia. Overall the book ends with the reader and Charlotte finding out that Julia was the one that was driving the car the day of her sister and her boyfriend’s death. Julia then avoids Charlie for the rest of senior year (Awkward!!! 😦 ). Charlie eventually stops dating Sebastian and that made me so sad, but then in the “The New Beginning” Charlie learned French and meets with Sebastian and they had the cutest reunion. This book gave me the feels but the ending really killed me, because who doesn’t love a happy ending?? Also RIP Boom, you were the greatest!!

Landry Park by Bethany Hagen

Such a classy photo for a very classy book. This book follows a 17 year old girl named Madeline. This book is set in the futuristic United Stares ruled basically by the elite rich. Madeleine’s family is the richest of them all. She is getting presured by her dad to marry and  produce an heir instead of Madeline following her dreams by going to college. She meets a boy named David Dana who seems to be the only one the understands her. But the country is in chaos with a rebellion trying to overthrow these “elites”. This book follow Madeline as she tries to decide what is right.

 Side Note- the book is called Landry Park because that is the name of the manor Madeline lives.


First things first I don’t really know why but I dive into books easier when told in some futuristic society. Madeleine’s and David’s relationship was so cute. When they first met she feels like he is the only one that understands her. (awhhhh). They seemed so comfortable with each other and  were always making jokes but it was frustrating how long it took for them to get together, (basically at the end). Also him joining the army and leaving Madeline made me so frustrated and in return brings Jude back with him. The other love interest was Jude, who reminded me a lot like Aspen, from the Selection series like he was so annoying. I was basically screaming GET OUTTA HERE!!! Obviously he really cared for Madeline and even proposed to her which got me so frustrated. Like  David  please confess your love for Madeline. DONT MAKE HER DO THIS!! Cara was a character I didn’t like at the beginning but as the book went on, she became more tolerable and became key to the plot.  THAT PLOT TWIST THOUGH when we find out her mom was the one that assaulted her and she is in love with a Rootless (basically the poor) named Ewan. Madeline grew up a lot in this book by standing up to her dad (who basically got overthrown in power at the end), and constantly trying to go to college . This book reminded me a lot of the Selection series since there was a caste system, and the poor wants to rebel from the leader of the government. Also Madeline and America both have the strong heart (and red hair), and want to bring change to their world. Maybe that’s why I liked it so much, because I loved the Selection trilogy. Maybe. I don’t really know. This book was really enjoyable and the sequel, Jubilee Manor seems like it will conclude the duology perfectly.

Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

My 12/22 post will be reviewing Illuminae. This book is so different and awesome and just great. This book follows a girl named Kady and a boy named Ezra (exs of each other like they dated). The year is 2575, and they survived a terrorist attack on their planet and are the survivors of the attack. This book is so unique because it is told in a different and refreshing way. The pages have cool illustrations, told in instant messaging, and reports (this book is a collection of files). There is so much chaos going on including a plague, AIDAN and the fact nobody is in charge of the refugees (or survivors) of the terrorist attack. I’m so happy I started reading and so excited that this is a trilogy.


The book starts off with this interview with Ezra and Kady. It was such an interesting way to start the book and it was so funny to have the book start off this way. Their planet (Kereneza) just had a terror attack. Ezra and Kady were exs but they were so sassy to the interviewer. Like it was hilarious.Even Kady’s psychiatric research said “doesn’t well with others.” At the beginning of the book, Ezra has the interview before being aboard the Alexander, the interviewer keeps asking questions about his parents (his dad dead and his mom gone) and Ezra gets so mad that he flips him off. That was one of the first acts that revealed his character and I laughed so hard. The book really picks up when Ezra and Kady start messaging each other and it is so cute. It takes a while to fully understand what is going on, in the book, but there are two ships, Alexander and Hypatia who are running away from their enemy, Lincoln. The instant messaging kept happening throughout the book and my favorite part in the book, Kady and Ezra eventually become a couple again and say “I love you,” to each other. (awhhh).  The reader finds out Kady was separated from her mom and has been since the attack. Kady tries to get on the Copernicus (basically the Alexander) but she is rejected TWICE. Then finding out her mom died on the Copernicus and at the beginning of the book, her name is on page 54. The reader knew before Kady really knew.

AIDAN is this machine that Kady hacks in throughout the book to find the truth. Halfway through the book, AIDAN takes control of the Alexander and kills thousands of people on board. AIDAN wants to reunite with Hypatia and is coming to kill people aboard. Kady eventually leaves Hypatia to try and save Ezra on the Alexander. Kady tries to find her mom, (since she doesn’t know her mom’s died, only the reader knows), she is devastated when she finds her mom dead. Kady is on her way to find Ezra but ends up killing Dorian( the captain in the beginning of the book). Kady runs into Zhang (her other fellow hacker), he is trying to stop AIDAN and Zhang has been affected by the virus and wants to kill Kady since she knows so much. Zhang sacrifices himself to kill AIDAN. AIDAN is still alive THOUGH, and tells Kady that EZRA HAS BEEN DEAD SINCE THE LINCOLN ATTACK which broke my heart. Like noooooo!! AIDAN IS A JERK!!!  RIP to all the friends that died at this point.

AIDAN and KADY start to become a team to save Hypatia from Lincoln (even though at first Kady hates AIDAN). They start bonding and AIDAN’s monologues keeps talking about how much he is starting to develop feelings for Kady (this machine has feelings now??).  At the end, Kady saves Hypatia and ends up back on the Alexander. Then we find out,EZRA IS ALIVE FRIENDS LIKE WHAT AIDAN WAS LYING.  The last 30 pages we find out Kady is the Illuminae group (the group that sends the files) and Ezra’s mom is the one that initiated the terror attack against Kereneza. (Ezra’s mom is apart of Beitech, the company who started this whole interstellar war). Kady and Ezra’s mom have this messaging battle and it gets intense, fighting for Ezra. Book 1 ends with Ezra and Katy reconciling, and finally get back together and kiss. They have been apart this entire book and it is so cute. Like 599 pages flew so fast, the book was SO GOOD!! Like what is going to happen in Gemina (book 2). Will Ezra’s mom be back, what is going to happen between Ezra and Kady, and is AIDAN still around?? Is there some sort of love triangle between AIDAN, Ezra and Kady?? So many questions, no answers. Ugh I can’t wait until Fall 2016. I gave this book 5 out of 5 stars on Goodreads.  Closing this book review with a quote from the book

“You have me. Until ever last star in the galaxy dies. You have me”

(I separated the paragraphs otherwise it would look like one huge chunk of text).

Most Likely to Succeed by Jennifer Echols

This month was a amazing book reading month. I finished like 10 books.  I have so many book reviews done that I could start reviewing books twice a month on here. My favorite book that I read this month was hands down this one like finally. I have been waiting to read one of the superlatives and there was only the 3rd and final in the trilogy so of course I grabbed it and cried. It revolves around a boy named Sawyer( bad boy vibe/ life of the party) and a girl named Kaye (good girl vibe), and they are both seniors at their high school. They are opposites and can’t stand each other but eventually learn to grow and care for one another.


I’m sorry the description was so cheesy and vague but you have to start the book with NO outside knowledge. I immediately fell in love with Sawyer. His sarcasm was great, he was so comedic. I also related a lot to Kaye ( maybe because similar Afro-curly hair probs). Even though I couldn’t work an Afro like she can, she is the greatest. She reminds me of myself because she’s a perfectionist like me striving to be the best and all the pressure can be overwhelming and can result in doubting yourself. The beginning of the book Kaye is with Aidan, who have been dating since 9th grade. They have their whole lives played out with going to Columbia, become bankers and then get married. At the beginning of the book, I discovered early on that I HATED Aidan. The very first moment in the book was at the Student Council Meeting. Kaye is VP, Aidan is President and Sawyer is the student council parliamentarian. Sawyer always played this cute joke by asking Kaye to marry him and Kaye would say yes, sarcastically, which was a huge clue that Sawyer liked Kaye. Sawyer gets Kaye to fight for shutting down prom and Aidan gets mad that she didn’t show a “unified front” at the meeting.  I honestly felt that Aidan had no respect for Kaye and  started really loving Sawyer from the get-go. I partied when Aidan finally broke up with Kaye. I was so happy because Kawyer/Saye could finally begin. Sawyer constantly said nice things to her, and complimented her even if she thought he was sarcastic. Sawyer basically had a rough life and a really bad reputation like being a player, drinking, just overall a slacker. Kaye, on the other side, wasn’t.  I basically awwwed so hard learning that he crushed on Kaye since he moved to town which is basically for two years and has been waiting for her to break up with Aidan. I basically fell in love when he complimented her hair when it was an Afro. He was even the school mascot and only picked on Kaye the ENTIRE time at the football game since she was a cheerleader. How did she not see this? Girls don’t notice these things sometimes, ughhh. He says all this sweet stuff, saying he would never cheat on her and I basically was so jealous of their adorable relationship.  Her mom was so mean throughout the book saying cruel things to Sawyer by saying he was a criminal since Sawyer’s dad was. When I found out, Aidan was using Kaye just to get a stellar recommendation from Kaye’s mom for Columbia, that made me so mad. Kaye and Sawyer together really complimented each others’ personalities really well and Sawyer became such a better person because of Kaye. Learning in the previous book that the superlatives messed up and Kaye and Aidan weren’t really most likely to succeed but Kaye and Sawyer were actually voted “perfect couple that never was” instead of Harper and Brody and it was so cute because they were precious. The majority of the  school knew they were perfect for each other AHHHH!Overall best romance book I’ve read in a while. Also quick flashback to when Kaye and her family went to the restaurant that Sawyer worked at. One of the most awkwardiest scene/ funniest scene in the entire book.


Finding Audrey  by Sophie Kinsella

Alright another book review to do. I actually read this book like last month. This book is about a girl named Audrey who develops a type of anxiety because of an incident at her school. She is  homeschooled now and it has a major impact on her life. She wears dark glasses all the time now. This story follows her journey and learning how to come out of her shell.


aahhhh can I first say I didn’t know this book took place in England until halfway through and I started imagining them talking in Brittish accents. This book was so funny. I laughed a lot while reading this book. One part was like the main storyline of Audrey and Linus relationship and how he helped Aud get out of her shell and the Starbucks game was absolutely adorable!! Also I adored the storyline between the family too like between the mom and her younger brother(Frank) who was a massive gamer. Their mom would get on to them about being on the computer too much and she made him wake up early to run and he ran for a longer distance than his mom and her reaction was so funny since she was so exhausted and Frank was fine since he ran Cross Country. When the mon threw out the computer (like literally out the window) I really enjoyed and laughed at that part. All in all this book was so much fun to read. I highly recommend it.

P.S. I Still Love you by Jenny Han

This book is a sequel to To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before and continues from the devasting ending of the previous book. This series follows a girl named Lara Jean and her reaction to her love letters being sent to the boys. This book is super cute, and I have never related to a main character as much as I related to her.

*spoiler section*

This book starts off right where we left off in the first book when Lara Jean is regretting the breakup with Peter. I loved the first scene at New Years Eve when Lara Jean went to Peter’s house. I love how they fight over the letter in LJ pocket and how Peter read the letter and they kissed FOR REAL. It was so cute and I fangirled so hard. Also I was so upset when the video of Peter and LJ making out in the hot tub went viral. She didn’t deserve all of this hate. I liked how there was more emphasis on LJ and Genevieve’s relationship and how they stopped being friends. I LOVED LJ & Peter relationship just all the little things like when they had rules and their cute dates. All the little things they would do were so adorable. I also loved the intro of the character John because I was so torn. I didn’t know who I liked better. John and LJ had super cute scene like the snowman scene and the dance at the retirement home was so funny when Peter showed up. John always liked her and it was so cute he still liked her in the present. I love his grandmother and how funny she was in the books. I really enjoyed  LJ with Peter AND John. I also felt so betrayed when Genevieve stopped being LJ friend because she kissed Peter when she knew G liked him. I really understood her point  hating LJ. I enjoyed the flashbacks to the eighth grade and the time capsule being opened was a bitter sweet moments. Wow this book review is so long and I hope there is a third book because I love these books and this author.


City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare


This book is the sixth and final book in the Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare. This series basically follow a girl named Clary who finds out she is a Shadowhunters. She learns to train with other Shadowhunters (like Jace) and fights evil. This book IS becoming a TV show on ABC Family in January 2016 so I recommend reading this book beforehand.

*I will spoil the book for you now. If you don’t want to be spoiled DONT continue reading*

I recently read City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare when I was Africa. I can’t tell you how many times I cried/screamed/died (figuratively) while reading. There were so many memorable parts and all of the characters had the funniest lines. I love this quote in the book “Oh, God, the lovebirds,” Magnus said, pulling the pillow off his face. “I hate happy couples.” I laughed so hard at this. I don’t really have much to say just I loved Alec character in this book with all of his snarky comments and his character really brought this book together. Simon and Isabelle relationship was so cute and I was laughing so hard when Simon got drunk on the blood he drank and said this line ““Isabelle!” he called again. “Let down your raven hair!’
“Oh my God,” Clary muttered. “There was something in that blood Raphael gave you, wasn’t there? I’m going to kill him.”   I also hated the part when they killed Sebastian and Magnus’s demon father took away Simon’s memories. I WASNT READY FOR THAT HEARTBREAK IN MY LIFE. I also felt no emotion when Jordan died because he wasn’t the best character and I loved how Maia became so strong because of it *Go Pack Leader Maia*. I also didn’t like how the Shadowhunters didn’t know for the longest time the Seelie Queen was against them like Helloooo SHES NOT YOUR FRIEND. Sebastian death scene was very dramatic and I actually felt sad when he died since he was alive for a little bit as Jonathan. He was so sweet as Jonathan since he didn’t have any demon blood. I really feel like the ending was very WW1 since the Shadowhunters blamed the Seelie Queen for everything and have to do reparations. I feel like this will come back to bite the Shadowhunters in the future (Even Magnus saw it wasn’t a good idea). Overall I enjoyed this book (this book review is very scattered). I would rate this book 5/5 stars.