Hi, this is all of my blog posts that I hope to inspire you and help you realize someone is struggling with the same things you are. Enjoy!

A Letter to my 13 year old self

I’ve seen this idea everywhere lately to write letters to your past self and I really felt like doing it today. When I was 13, I was in the 7th grade, (my peak honestly). After getting out my preteen mode, I want to give some friendly advice to my younger self.

Dear 13 year old Kristella,

This year is going to be tough. You are going to get grades you aren’t proud of. It will suck A LOT. This is the year you will feel the most alone. You will have to make new friends and may come off as “clingy” but really it’s because you want to be liked by people

This year is also the peak of your “boy-crazy” faze. It’s ridiculous. You will start to look for a boyfriend EVERYWHERE. It’s unnecessary and eventually you will discover you don’t go to school to find a boyfriend but to receive an education.

I forgot you are playing basketball now. It will be one of the most exciting times of your life. Enjoy the moments on the court because it will definitely fade away.

You will also enter a year that will be the last with some of your friends. Appreciate the times spent with them.

Finally the last advice I have is don’t change yourself to be cool. Junior high is rough because we are all finding ourselves and you try to get yourself to be in the “cool” group. It ISN’T worth it. “Popularity” is a vague term that means nothing. Just stick with those close friends and you will survive these tough years. Just enjoy junior high, it will get harder from here.

Have fun youngin’


P.S.- Don’t worry you will have a better fashions sense than those Aeropostale shirts you wear!! 


Within the past month, I have experienced some rejection and it sucks. A lot. I have this tendency to be a sore loser so disappointments really get me down. So here is a list of four suggestions to remind yourself when you go through a tough time.

1.Name all of your accomplishments in the last year. (maybe you made student council, or you got your dream job)

2. Two words. Guilty pleasure. Maybe you really like chocolate or you really like to paint. Sometimes taking that break from the world can really help.

3. Take time off. Sometimes you need to be reminded of the people that care for you. Maybe spend time with your family or facetime the friend you don’t see everyday. Opening up really helps release all this anger.

4. Laugh about it. We have heard the popular saying, “Laughing is the best medicine.”Sometimes learning to laugh about our “sore” moments in life can really help us get over it and learn to cope.

Hopefully these tips help on those days

17 Things I learned at 17

Sorry for missing a blog post last Sunday. I was at a debate tournament last weekend, and that took up a lot of my focus. So this past week, I turned 17 and I wanted to reflect on everything I have learned so here it is

  1. We all change. Don’t stay in love with the past you
  2. Don’t be scared to put yourself out there. new adventures await!!
  3. Life isn’t always going to go your way, and when it doesn’t a better opportunity WILL pop up
  4. Sometimes new things are really good 🙂
  5. Don’t feel peer pressured to do certain things; uphold  your beliefs.
  6. Take a step back and look at the bigger picture.
  7. High School is short-term. Don’t be in love with it, but still make memories
  8. Be entitled to have your own opinions
  9. It’s okay to have a weekend when all you do is stay home, watch Netflix and do homework
  10. If you laugh at your awkward moments, then they aren’t awkward
  11. Smile a lot. You never know whose day you are going to make
  12. Be respectful even when others aren’t
  13. Social Media is NOT your life. Don’t feel expected to post all the time, post every hangout with your friends. Some things can stay private
  14. Make memories, take pictures often. Seriously you are only in this place once
  15. Keep doing your passions.
  16. I AM THIRD.
  17. Open up to others, because when life get tough it’s nice to know people will be by your side at that time

I hope these tips/motivation have helped in the tough times, and made life more clear 🙂 See ya next Sunday


Easy. No such thing.

Why are we obsessed with the desire of something being easy?? Classes that are “easy”. A relationship that’s “easy.” We want an “easy life.” Something that isn’t complicated. When we settle for “easy” we are damaging ourselves. Disappointments occur naturally and we shouldn’t be scared of them. Striving for simplicity is just not healthy.  Taking easy classes just for the GPA boost don’t challenge us. Isn’t that why the US schooling system is a failing situation??? We aren’t being challenged in our schools because the curriculum is based on making it “easy” for others to understand while bringing an entire generation behind in academics.We are settling. Isn’t that why the youth (including me) complain about high school SO MUCH these days, or why there is a need for women in the STEM fields? How our country teaches is”easy” since it worked in the 1940s it should work in today’s technologically advanced society. Because that makes sense. We should learn the same way our grandparents did even though we now have electric cars, computers, mobile phones, Internet, and television in HD. It shows how flawed our society is by not wanting change because it would “over complicate things.” Now moving on to relationships. No relationship is easy. If a relationship is easy, then we are setting ourselves up for disappointment. If we don’t argue with others and bicker then that’s just a fake interpretation of how life is like. Disagreements is how we display we  care. It’s how society functions. The difference of opinions allows different point of views to be seen. What would happen if every country in the world believed the same thing?? Maybe every country banned beef or every country didn’t let women go to school. Do you see the problem with simplicity We create a society where there is only one opinion. It’s not an opinion anymore it’s law. We all believe the same thing. There would be no such thing as compromises for a better solution. We would be stuck in the same ways, and ideas to bring about change. So now unto my final point, the aspiration for an “easy” life. There’s no such thing. A lot of us would define that word differently. An easy life for you might be being in a relationship, or being the star quarterback on the football team but for other it could be just having food on the table or to have a roof over their head. See the problem with the word “easy,” is we forget all of our blessings. We forget our privilege and focus on the greed of wanting more. There is bigger problems then our small ones. Never forget that, okay. Thanksgiving brings attention to blessings and how it could always be worse. Let’s have that thankful mentality year-round shall we.

Thanks for reading,


Sunset Talks Part 2

Hi friends! I haven’t done a sunset talk in a while and I just want to tell you guys what’s been going on. This week I have a debate tournament for five days, tennis pictures, a playoff football game on Thursday while remembering that my birthday is on Wednesday. The last couple of months of high school have been tennis matches, football games, and homecoming. I have tried to go to every home football game and I went to the last one of the season last Friday. My homecoming was actually so much fun and my tennis matches were a joy to go to. So I have mentioned how I’m a junior in high school and it is honestly really hard to stay motivated. There are SO many distractions and fun things to do that I sometimes get sidetracked and forget to do the necessary things. I have so much to do but I sometimes just don’t feel like doing those things and just procrastinate. I have almost reached my goodreads goal for books in a year and I’m so excited. I have read 98 books and my goal is 100!! I’m taking five AP classes, involved in a couple of clubs,have to prep debate tournaments year round while figuring out colleges and scholarships. College is hardcore. Since last year, I’ve gotten a bunch of college letters but I still don’t have a college I want to go to. My major is probably going to be Business Administration, International Business, Economics or Philosophy at the moment. I’m really craving Thanksgiving Break because I have to study for all these tests right now and I just want some turkey. Also I WILL be doing blogmas again because I really like having that reminder of uploading every day so that will be a daily look at a my life for 25 days. So ya that’s how my life has been and I hope your week goes great.



Usually I blog about adventures but today I wanted to bring light to an important issue I have related to in my junior year. Over a month into my junior year, I have never felt so lost and unmotivated in my entire life. High school is something I look at as short-term  deal. 2 years from now, I’ll be in college, reminiscing about high school and probably talking about how pointless it is. Today’s society puts an emphasis on material things. Today I’m going to focus on a subject that  resonates with high school’s students. GPA. It defines our high school career. It defines our post high school career. It feels like every conversations pertains to GPAs, your grades in classes. Your grades become your label. If you don’t have that “certain” GPA you label yourself as an idiot, but in reality you’re not. I know I have on occasion continuously thought about how I’m not “good enough” and how I need one more AP class or another A to feel happy. But I’m never happy when talking about grades. I’m miserable. I want to keep pushing myself until I break. Then I realize, GPAs aren’t everything. Yes, they get us into college, but what about your outside events. Colleges see the same people apply with identical GPAs and test scores. They want someone different. I want to be that different person. I want to hang out with my friends, volunteer, do debate, and be active in my school’s decision making.  I want to be happy. Colleges will reward your versatility in school. So instead of thinking about perfection in high school, slow down and realize all the amazing things you have already accomplished. Make a list of your goals for your academic year, be apart of a new club, don’t just join stuff for your college apps. They want to see your passions, your continuities, not your shortcomings. So to all high school seniors, good luck on the most exciting time of your lives and to the people like me trying to decide where you want to go from high school, take a deep breathe because it will come together in due time.

Weekly Inspiration Part 2

Hello friends! It’s been a while since my last post. I guess life really caught up with me. I was sick this past week and the week before was State in Debate. I know terrible excuses. I guess I’m in a funk with blogging, and reading. Well this post is going to start the revival I need. There is six quotes, which is more than I usually do. These are some of my favorite quotes that I hope will help get you through the week. Hope you enjoy!



Weekly Inspiration 

Time for another weekly inspiration. This week, for me at least is going to be a hard,stressful week. Here are some quotes that will provide much needed motivation to help during the tough days and just to provide a positive viewpoint on everyday life. Hope you enjoy friends!! 🙂